Kim Kaupe

💁🏻 : Co-Founder

👠 : @Forbes 30 Under 30

📝 : @incmagazine 35 Under 35

✌🏻️ : @affund 

🎓 : Florida Gator

While Kim has not yet mothered a human baby, she delivered ZinePak—now The Superfan Company—into the world in January 2011 after holding positions at Conde Nast and Fathom Communications. She has been thrilled, killed, and amazed by her first few years of entrepreneurship and is so proud of what The Superfan Company has established in past seven years. From successes in retail with Walmart and Cracker Barrel to working with world class tours for legends like Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan to stints on TV shows like ABC's Shark Tank, the highs have been SO high… and the lows well, gray hair is cool now right?

From Katy Perry and ACE Universe Comic-Con to Logic and the New York Mets, Kim has had more than 100 amazing clients throughout the years and no, she cannot pick a favorite client...she loves them all (somewhat equally!). 

She enjoys sharing the highs and lows of entrepreneurship on her social media, along with her adventures, travel, and friends (much to their dismay, often yelling, "Do not put that on your Instagram! Well unless I look good and then you can.")

Superfan Status: Pretty excited for Winter to arrive on final season of HBO's Game of Thrones. Dying to know if the Ice Dragon can be defeated and what will happen to Westeros!  

Location: New York City + Los Angeles. And anywhere else a fun adventure and/or client awaits. 

Two truths & a lie...
1. I've been to the Junior Olympics twice for volleyball. 
2. I'm an avid Top Chef fan and never miss an episode. 
3. I think Roger Moore is the best James Bond.