Brittany Hodak

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🎓 : CUNY Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business (M.S.) & University of Central Arkansas (B.S.)

Brittany never had a shot at a “normal” job, because in high school she was paid to hang out with rockstars—literally. After a short stint as a radio-station mascot, Brittany began blogging for the station’s website. In a feature called “Brittany Jones’ Diary” (a play on the popular Bridget Jones’ Diary series, thanks to Britt’s maiden name), 17-year-old Brittany hung out with rock and country stars and reviewed their concerts when they came through her town. She vowed never to take a job that wasn’t celeb-adjacent.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Brittany is still helping rockstars tell their stories… just on a much larger scale. She co-founded ZinePak after stints at Sony Music and an NYC advertising agency, based on a business plan she put together in an undergrad marketing class years earlier. Eight years later, she counts herself very fortunate to have worked with some of her heroes… and countless other amazing people along the way. She’s proud of many of her accomplishments, but mostly of her ability to keep her inner fangirl in check when she’s elbow-to-elbow with the artists she’s been looking up to for half her life.

Superfan Status: Currently counting down the days to college football season. #GoBlue!

Location: Franklin, TN… where every day feels like vacation after a decade in New York City!

Two Truths and a Lie:
1. In college, I often made fake VIP credentials to meet my favorite artists and had more than a 90% success rate!
2. I took my dog to a pet psychic and the psychic told me he’s really a horse.
3. I’m a major foodie who never says “no” to trying a new dish!