One More Dip In The Tank!

It's been a year and a half since Kim and I walked down the long hallway and onto the infamous Shark Tank set. The weeks leading up to the filming were a whirlwind, and the hour we spent negotiating with the Sharks passed by in a blur that felt like mere seconds. Although we  thought the nerves and stress would be over after filming, it turned out to be only the beginning!

More than seven months passed between our filming and our air date. It's been almost a year since that first primetime airing: April 24, 2015. We hosted a viewing party in New York with more than 150 of our employees, clients, vendors and friends. We were so incredibly nervous to see how the episode would be edited...and how the world would react!

Although re-airs of the show are MUCH less stressful than the initial airing, there's still a swell of excitement before each rerun in syndication. Each time our episode reairs - as it will tonight at 9PM/8C on CNBC - we're greeted with an influx of potential new client partners here on our website...and the occasional unsolicited comment from an Internet troll. It's an exciting, unpredictable thing!

There's no denying that Shark Tank has helped shine a white-hot spotlight on entrepreneurship in America. Kim and I are so grateful that we were given the opportunity to participate in such a cultural juggernaut. As a company that creates products for superfans, it seems very fitting that our first appearance on primetime network TV was for a show that has its own army of superfans.

For behind-the-scenes accounts of our dip in the tank, you can read Kim's article for Forbes or mine for Biz Journal. You can also check out coverage from Inc. and Entrepreneur.