Justin Bieber’s Tour Kickoff

I woke up to the radio this morning, and the DJs were talking about it. I went on social media, and fans were talking about it. I walked into my office, and my coworkers were talking about it. Everyone seems to be buzzing about Justin Bieber’s tour kickoff last night! His grand entrance in a glass box, the backflip on the trampoline, the on-stage rain during “Sorry” … fans certainly got an exciting show!

As a pop culture junkie, I always enjoy this kind of news, but this time was extra fun because ZinePak had teamed up with Bktsg to create gifts for the VIP Experience. We designed a lanyard with a laminate that was worn throughout the concert, a passport to help find one’s own purpose, and a scrapbook containing exclusive interviews, photos, and spots to store memories from the show. I know SuperFans are going to love these additions to their Justin Bieber collection!