An Unexpected Night on Broadway

I’ve always been a Broadway superfan so I was very excited when I won tickets to the first preview of Groundhog Day: The Musical. My expectations were pretty low since I wasn't a fan of the movie; I had no idea what to expect. And as it turned out, I could never have predicted what would happen that night!

About 15 minutes into a delightful start, the production came to a halt and the actors were asked to leave the stage. The house lights came up and they announced they were having difficulties with the turntable mechanism that controlled the sets for the entire production. 

The audience waited patiently for over an hour before an announcement was made that it was not possible for them to fix the set that night. The show must go on, so the cast offered to perform the songs concert-style. We ended up getting a unique night of live theater even more special than the full production. It was easily one of the most amazing theater experiences I've ever had! (And yes, they offered tickets to everyone to attend the show again. I went and LOVED it!)