Tracy Lawrence, Superfans, and the 'Good Ole Days'


At ZinePak, everyone is a superfan of something. It's a prerequisite for getting the gig. Because we understand the psychographic of superfandom firsthand, we're able to infuse passion into the products we make for every fanbase — whether that fanbase consists mainly of 6-year-old girls or 65-year-old men.

Every project we work on is rewarding (because we love helping create "WOW!" moments for our clients), but the ones that are most special are the ones that overlap with our personal favorites. There's nothing more exciting than working with an entertainer whom you've admired for years.

tracy lawrence (1).jpg

When Tracy Lawrence and his team asked us to create a special deluxe release for his Good Ole Days album, I knew I was in for a treat. I'm a country-music superfan. I met and interviewed Tracy for the first time when I was 17 and writing concert reviews for a local radio station. Not all artists took me seriously when I met them (I mean, would YOU, based on this photo?!) but Tracy was kind and engaging and treated me like any other professional. That amplified my respect for him as a person and an artist, and I've been Team Tracy ever since. The kindness from him and artists like him helped give me the confidence necessary to make a career out of telling artists' stories at ZinePak.

Tracy and I, together with the rest of the ZinePak team, spent several weeks putting together a 48-page coffee-table book that tells the story of his life and career up to this point for his new album, Good Ole Days. It's no ordinary coffee-table book: it includes replicas of all kinds of items from Tracy's personal collection, from baby pictures and concert photos to tour credentials and old album promotional materials. Tracy shares stories from his life and career that he's never told, and more than a dozen of Tracy's artist friends—including Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean—weigh in with memories and stories of their own.


It's always rewarding when fans react positively to projects (especially ones like this that were such labors of love!), but there's no better feeling than getting the stamp of approval from the artists themselves. When Tracy told us this deluxe version of Good Ole Days is his favorite release from his entire career, we knew our job was done.

We couldn't be more excited that the very first copy of the Good Ole Days book — signed and numbered by Tracy — has found a home at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Thank you to Tracy for inviting us to help tell your story, and thank you to the Country Music Hall of Fame for "inducting" this book into your permanent collection of artifacts. As Tracy sings, "we're livin' in the good ole days," and days like this one are the ones us superfans dream about! 

The Wonder That Is Wonder Woman


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We had the pleasure of attending Lindsey Stirling's Warmer In The Winter tour last night at the Beacon Theatre. The festive show was the perfect kick-start to the holiday season!

Lindsey's heart and dedication shine through everything she does! We're so proud to work with such a rockstar. Not only is she currently out on tour but simultaneously she's competing on Dancing With The Stars and has made it all the way to the finals. In fact, after her show ended last night, she was heading into rehearsals for next week's final DWTS performance! We don't know how she does it but she sure makes it look effortless. 

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